The application of multi-layered laminated glass results in complete safety in buildings where this aspect is in the foreground. These include, banks, jewelry stores, exchange offices, betting shops, etc.

Namely, a whole consisting of two or more layers of glass of the same or different thicknesses, interconnected by a safety film, prevents burglary or bullet penetration and endangering the life of the person on the other side of the glass.

We can specially highlight the offer of anti-ballistic glasses from class BR 2S/NS to class BR 7NS. The glasses are attested and certified by the IGH Institute (CE certificate).

To achieve maximum cleanliness and visual quality of the glass, multi-layered glass is joined in the so-called "clean room".

Multi-layered safety glass is also used in other areas such as making stair treads, glass floors, automatic doors, etc.

In addition to multilayer safety glass, we also offer single tempered glass (ESG)


Glass processing

We achieve the quality of glass cutting and processing with the most modern technology and highly precise machines of renowned manufacturers.

Fire resistant glass

We are offering fireproof glass for stoves, fireplaces and ovens. The glass is resistant to temperatures up to 760°C.

Decorated glass

Decoration on the glass is performed with an automatic screen printing machine (the process of applying paint to the glass over fine silk)

UV gluing of glass

Joining of glasses by UV gluing enables fast gluing and creation of more complex constructions.