T O S d.o.o.

The company „TOS“ Ltd was founded in 1988 in Koprivnica. Founder of the Company is Zlatko Galić who transferred his knowledge of glass bending technology acquired in Germany to Croatia and perfected it over the years with his innovative solutions.

With many years of experience in glass bending, modernization of equipment and machines,  training our employees and their hard work on learning, we have achieved maximum quality, thus meeting European and world standards.

The organization of the company is based on the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, which proves the compliance of the company's business policy with strict international standards and also ensures and maintains the quality of products, services and the trust of customers.

The answer to increasingly demanding innovative solutions in the field of design and security in the interior and exterior are the results of high technical and technological possibilities in production, as well as the knowledge and experience of our employees.

In joint cooperation, we turn your ideas into reality, which enables you to get the desired product first hand. Innovation, flexibility and "know-how" made it possible for us to realize the high demands in furnishing the exterior and interior.

The result is numerous buildings that we equipped with bent glass for different purposes.

With its presence, glass significantly contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the building, and connects man with nature. In their desire to provide us with warmth, light, and at the same time protection, architects follow trends and give a large representation of the glass. Except in construction industry glass has big role in production of furniture, interior design and furnising the space. Our production program also includes making high quality glasses for rail vehicles, ships, oldtimer vehicles and work machines.

We manufacture glass for ships with the approval of the Croatian Register of Ships.