The production of bent glass requires knowledge of glass as a material and also great knowledge, experience and high-quality machines

In the past, glass was only part of a building and had only one mission to fulfill basic functions such as protection from external weather conditions, transparency, utilization of daylight, enabling communication and ventilation.

Now the requirements and possibilities are much greater, so additional functions that glass must offer are thermal protection, environmental protection, sound protection, protection from the sun, protection of objects and people, fire protection, utilization of solar energy, enabling room comfort and aesthetic decoration. In recent years, aesthetic decoration with bent glass has been one of the important aspects in the design of buildings, so modern architects strive for this trend.

In recent years, aesthetic decoration with bent glass has been one of the important aspects in the design of buildings, so modern architects strive for this trend.

The production of bent glass requires knowledge of glass as a material and also great knowledge, experience and high-quality machines. We are one of the few manufacturers of bent glass who have met all these conditions.

Glass bending is a technological process in which the glass, placed on a shaped substrate, is exposed to high temperatures, thereby obtaining the desired bent shape. When the desired shape or depth of bending is achieved occurs the phase of controlled cooling. We use a CNC sheet metal forming machine to prepare individual bending tools.

Convex glasses can be of various shapes and dimensions. It is recommended that the dimension of the glass is not larger than approx. 800 x 1200 mm and thicker than 6 mm, due to the aesthetic appearance, while the bulging effect is best visible.

Field of application

For construction objects

We are able to produce bent glass with maximum dimensions of 2200 x 4900 mm and a bending depth up to 800 mm, with a radius tolerance of max. 0,3 mm x glass thickness.

All types of glass with different thicknesses (from 2-19 mm) can be bent, except for mirrors and low-emission glass produced by electrostatic application of a reflective layer.

Different combinations of glass and performance variants indicate our flexibility in realizing your wishes, so from our product range we can single out:

Single bent glass

It is suitable for furnishing and decorating the interior, and among of other things for furniture, sales showcases, counters in stores, speaker's counters, glass tables, and also can serve as the front glass of an aquarium, a shade for lighting fixtures, etc.

Bent laminated safety glass (vsg)

Two or more interconnected glasses by Eva safe or PVB foil which, after lamination in a lamination chamber under vacuum and at a certain temperature, acquires an elasto-plastic structure and thus prevents the glass from scattering after breakage. It is intended for installation on objects that must meet safety, burglary and impenetrability criteria, such as winter garden canopies, panoramic elevators, shower cabins, semi-circular automatic and roto doors, circular stair railings, glass partitions (screens), citylight, bank reception desks and betting shops where shatter-resistant glass is required for security reasons

Bent safety (VSG) insulating glass

is the above-mentioned laminated safety glass with the additional function of thermal insulation intended for structural facades, shop windows (jewelry shops, hotels, boutiques...), glass domes on roofs, semi-circular entrances, etc.

The most common misconceptions

Taught by experience, we have seen the most common mistakes in the use of glass, and we want to warn about them:

  • Glass that is installed on ceilings, floors, canopies and roofs (above the head), due to safety measures, must be made in combination with laminated glass.
  • For conservatory glazing, glass must be made in combination with low-emission glass, which reduces the passage of sunlight and does not transmit heat (reduces the K value), in order to avoid the greenhouse effect.
  • During project design on which appears the combination of tempered glass and bent glass it is necessary to pay attention to choose the glass with the pyrolytic process and not produced by electrostatic application of a reflective layer because that kind of glasses are not suitable for processing at high temperatures.
For ships, rail vehicles and work machines

As registered manufacturers, we offer the production of bent glass for ships, rail vehicles, armored vehicles and various work machines.

We manufacture glass for ships with the approval of the Croatian Register of Ships.

The glasses are laminated, which means that when they broke, the glass remains intact. We offer the option of making tinted glass as well as making a black edge with ceramic paint, which has the function of better adhesion of glued glass to the structure.

Other additional services we can offer are the production of screen printing as a raster (transition) or as a flat edge around the glass to protect the eyes from the sun's rays.

The tolerance for manufacturing bent glass for ships and rail vehicles depends on the complexity of bending.

For the same purpose, we also offer production of flat tempered and/or laminated glass.

With tempered glass, subsequent processing such as cutting and drilling holes is not possible.

For cooling devices

The versatility and flexibility of manufacturing bent glass has expanded our production program into the field of cooling devices. We have specialized in that part of bending and, in cooperation with you, we enable you to bend glass in shapes according to your needs and requirements.

The glass we use is Float «A» quality, 6 mm thick, untempered, and the maximum length for simple bending (one radius) is 2500 mm. For complex bending (multiple radii) it is 1500 mm.

It is also possible to make glass for refrigerated showcases placed at an angle.

Glass processing

We achieve the quality of glass cutting and processing with the most modern technology and highly precise machines of renowned manufacturers.

Fire resistant glass

We are offering fireproof glass for stoves, fireplaces and ovens. The glass is resistant to temperatures up to 760°C.

Decorated glass

Decoration on the glass is performed with an automatic screen printing machine (the process of applying paint to the glass over fine silk)

UV gluing of glass

Joining of glasses by UV gluing enables fast gluing and creation of more complex constructions.